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Relationship Advice

Lou Paget has long been considered a "Cultural Forecaster" in the area of sexuality, relationship advice and human development.

With over 17 years of grassroots research in the areas of sexuality and cultural trends, and as an AASECT-certified sex educator, Lou Paget provides the language to navigate intimate human interactions.

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Husbands Secret Life - Transexual
Lou offers relationship advice for a couple where the husband is caught viewing transexual images. She has questions about her spouses sexual orientation. Is he bisexual, homosexual or just confused?

Sexless Marraige
Lou discusses potential causes of a sexless marraige from pre-menopause to stress and physical causes.

Fantasizing About Another Woman
Lou shares her wisdom with a woman that has had dreams about a female co-worker and wonders if that has affected her sexual orientation

Pictures Sending Mixed Messages
A woman wants to confront her boyfriend about the pictures he keeps of his former girlfriend. Lou offers her advice as to why he contiues to keep said photos and how it may affect their relationship.

All Pain No Gain
A woman has yet to have intercourse with her husband as it causes vaginal pain. Lou advises her on the matter as the woman is unsure if this is the result of some existing medical condition.

Have I Had an Orgasm Before?
Lou responds to a woman who uncertain about her experience with orgasming as her reaction is not the same as other women when they experience orgasm.

Boyfriend Difficulty Coming During Oral Sex
Lou provides advice to a woman whose boyfriend requires longer oral stimulation than most males. She offers techniques that may help to shorten the process.

Female Ejaculation
A woman who experienced ejaculation as teen but since getting older has not had the same experience. She concults Lou to inquire if this may be a psychological issue.

Comparing Sexual Sensations
A woman describes how different sexual positions create more potent orgasms than other. Lou is able to provide information on why this is so.

The Consequences of Fooling Around on Your Partner
A woman is trying to improved her relationship with her partner to whom she has not been faithful. Lou is able to show how this may affect their partner emotionally and mentally.

What does Cinema Tell Us about Relationships
A woman asks Lou what the Oscar nominated film "Closer" says about real life relationships.

His Sex Drive is Less Than Mine
A young woman feels has been dating the same male for three years but noticed over the last few weeks that he has become uninterested in sex. Lou answers the questions of this young woman who is sure how to get the relationship back on course.

Intimacy Diminished
Lou offers relationship advice to a woman who feels that intimacy is fading in her relationship with her parter. She offers her opinion in helping this woman to decide if there is a future for this relationship or if she should just move on.

Girlfriend Talking to Her Ex Boyfriend
Lou provides relationship advice to a man who is uncertain about the future of his relationship with his current girlfriend. Other men have been calling their house and she often communicates with her exboyfriend leaving this man unclear about the stauts of their relationship.

Peyronie's Disease
A male suffering from Peyronie's Disease is seeking advice before exploring medical surgery to correct the issue. Lou weighs in on the matter to address the pros and cons of seeking out this medical procedure.

Making Cunninglingus Taste Better
A woman asks Lou which foods in a man's diet can change the taste of his semen.

How to Know if You're Having an Orgasm
Lou answers the question of a woman in her sixties who is unsure if she has ever had an orgasm.

What does an Orgasm Feel Like?
A young college girl seeks advice from Lou about female orgasms.

Getting Back Together With My Ex
Lou brings light on the situation of a woman who is recently divorced and back together with a former lover. She helps this women to determine whether or not this new/old relationship is for real.

Do Movies Tell the Truth
Lou provides her personal comments about a particular movie and whether or not it accurately portrays human sexuality.

69 Position Difficult for Women
Lou answers the question about why the 69 position can often be difficult and even unenjoyable.

Orgasms During Intercourse
A woman asks Lou if there is something wrong with how she has orgasms. Lou touches on not orgasming during intercourse as a common occurence in many relationships.

Making Love in Water
A woman and her boyfriend have fantasized about making love in a pool or the ocea. They seek avdvicd from Lou regarding whether or not this is a safe practice.

Multiple Male Orgasms
A man who has heard second-hand information about multiple male orgasms seeks accurate information about the true definition of the term.

Am I a Sex Addict?
Lou offers insight into the situation of a woman who finds herself always wanting sex expecially when she is not in a relatinship. This raises questions about sexual addiction to which Lou offers her opinion.

Fulfilling a Fantasy
Lou answers the question of a couple that desires to bring another man into their sexual experimentation. Lou offers her opinions regarding the matter as the husban may express regret in the future.

Creating More Feeling
Lou offers solutions to a woman sturuggling to feel satisfied sexually due in part to being large vaginally.

Using Curvature to One's Advantage
A man seeks advice from Lou on a number of topics. Lou delves into issue such as penile curvature, girth, improving stamina, and female ejaculation.

Sensual Foods
Lou answers the question about oysters being an aphrodisiac. She also offers insight into which foods enhance sexual drive and heighten pleasure.

Sharing Sexual Fantasies With Your Partner
A woman feels embarassed about sharing her sexual fantasies with her partner. Lou offers advice on how one can share their sexuality in an intimate setting.

Keeping Love Alive
Lou answers a question about maintaining lust in a relationship. She helps couples to better understand how to keep a relationship lustful even after many years together.

Clitoral Orgasms When Legs Apart
A women writes to Lou to find out why she is unable to orgasm when her legs are far apart but only when they are close together.

Vaginal Irritation Protection
Lou provides a women with possible solutions to protect her vulva area from coming into contact with semen as it causes irritation.

Husband Doesn't Want Sex
A woman looks for advice from Lou because he husband no longer desires sex from his wife and it is making her feel unattractive.

Commiting to the Right Person
A woman seeks advice from Lou about comitting to a relationship. Lou offers her opinion how to make sure you are comitting to the right person.

Masturbation While Pregnant
Lou answers questions about masturbation while pregnant. Can I masturbate while pregnant, can I orgasm while pregnant?

She Loves Me but Doesn't Like Sex Anymore
Lou responds to a man who's wife loves him emotionally but doesn't expess it physically. Lou further breaks down the situation to determine why the wife may be feeling this way and if it will have an impact on their marriage.

All Work and No Play
A woman in need of advice finds having sex with her husband to be more of a chore than something that should be pleasurable for both people involved. Lou offers her expertise to make intercouse for this couple more pleasurable than painful and to reinvoke passion into their marraige.

Touching on all of the Bases: From Holding the Pose to Improving Oral Sex
Lou answers several questions for a woman regarding tips in the bedroom. She touches on embarassing situations, maintaining comfort for both partners, up to improving oral sex.

Vibrator Recall
There was a recall on a certain vibrator and a woman seeks factual information regarding the matter.

Male Longevity
A women seeks advice from Lou on why it takes boyfriend longer than normal to achieve orgasm.

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